• 15-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: Thyssen Museum

A Living Painting at Thyssen Museum

Morning Sun
Hopper's well-known interest in film and his influence on numerous filmmakers of his own time and later have encouraged the organisation of an international symposium in conjunction with the exhibition, to be held in Madrid from 19 to 22 June. Entitled Edward Hopper, Film and Modern Life, it will benefit from the participation of leading experts in the worlds of film and art who will focus on the interesting relationship between Hopper, film and modern life from a broad cultural perspective.

Within the context of this encounter, the finalroom in the exhibition has been transformed into a film set in which the American filmmaker Ed Lachmann has produced a recreation of Hopper's work Morning Sun (1952). The installation, which will be open for the entire period of the exhibition, comprises a three-dimensional reproduction of the scene in the painting, revealing Hopper's use of cinematographic devices. It also investigates his images' ability to connect with the viewer's thoughts and emotions in order to create a visual narrative that is strikingly close to film. Visitors will become involved in this experience, which takes the form of a fascinating dialogue between Hopper's influence on film and its influence on his work.


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