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Antonio López Interview



ENGLISH: Short interview with Antonio López, perhaps the most significant painter in the group of Realists, and certainly one of the top contemporary painters alive. 00.00” I think that in the end all Art is Realistic. Antoni Tapies [an extremely abstract painter] used to say that he was the more realistic of artists. And I understand that point. 00.09 Question: Your painting has often focused on elemments of everyday life very humble and not previously shown in art, such as sinks, or bathrooms… Why? 00.26 Because Art has always had a storyboard of “prestige”; already in Velazquez’s time that was present; he was accused of painting in a rude style. There is this “high” concept of what can be shown in the world of Art and what not. We have tried to change that, as already the impressionist movement started doing. The moment of change was the XIXth Century. The Gods had the left the earth and everyday’s life took their part, with all its richness and power of fascination. We [the Realist Group of Madrid] have worked in that space, the space of ordinary life. 01.15” This is an answer to people who think that we paint the things that we love, and that is not true, at least not in our case. We paint the things that we feel attracted to, and you can be attracted to things that you like, but also to other that you experience as terrible things. We have painted dead animals and flowers, two things in the extreme of what you can feel as interesting; one may be beautiful, and the other terrible, but both are interesting. That is our guiding principle. 02.02” Question: What part of your painting makes you specially proud? There was a time at the mid 50s where I realized that I was starting to do something really personal, really mine, and I have very good feelings and remembrances of that time. Also, all that I have produced in the solitude of my studio, at home, for months and years working on subjects such as we have discussed… I think in that moments I have shown the best of me. 02.50 ends. SPANISH: Entrevista con Antonio López, el pintor más destacado del grupo de los Realistas y una de las figuras más importantes del arte contemporáneo a escala española e internacional.
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