• 08-JUL-2014

  • SOURCE: Tudor

TUDOR Launches Heritage Ranger

TUDOR Heritage Ranger
Imbued with the pioneering spirit of the far north and epic tales of sled dogs braving solitary frozen lands and infused with the exploits of unsung adventurers daily defying their hostile environment to explore new frontiers, the TUDOR Heritage ranger brings the conquests of the last century into the present.

Inspired by a historic model, also named Ranger, which the brand produced in the late 1960s, this new model embodies the unique creative approach developed by TUDOR to showcase its heritage in 2010 with the launch of its Heritage Chrono. Far from being a mere re-edition, it is a distinct reinterpretation, a true temporal and stylistic encounter of past, present and future. The aesthetic codes that contributed to the renown of the historic models are preserved and injected with modern touches to update the iconic spirit of the models.

Available material includes an edited package and still images.