Blind Football Soundbites



ARAZEKI 1 (FRENCH): My name is Hakim Arazeki, I am 22 years old, and I play blind football. (3 secs) VILLEROUX 1 (FRENCH): My name is Frédéric Villeroux, I play for Girondins de Bordeaux team in France and I play blind football. (6 secs) ABDERRAHIM 1 (FRENCH): My name is Maya Abderrahim, I play blind football, I am 39 years old. (3 secs) ABDERRAHIM 2 (FRENCH): My dream was to be a football player; unfortunately at a certain age I started losing my sight. It was not possible to make my dream come true, but today I am making this dream come true because I play at a very good level - I hope - I represent F.C. Girondins de Bordeaux and I'm very proud to do so. (16 secs) VILLEROUX 2 (FRENCH): For the blind category, we have a national competition, we have a competition for European countries, we have the World Cup, and we have the Paralympic Games every 4 years, so we have the same competitions as well-and-able football. It is football, it is futsal, just with a headband. It's an honour to be able to show our sport and we truly wish that blind football can enter the football family. (30 secs) PFISTERER 1 (ENGLISH): I'd like to have blind football recognised as a major sport in the world generally. At the moment, there are many, many blind people who don't even know about blind football, not to mention to play it. (9 secs) ARAZEKI 2 (FRENCH): I think that to start with, you have to have the soul of a football player, you have to be able to communicate with your teammates, to listen to them and to your opponents, and to the acoustic ball. So you need to master the space in which you find yourself, in which you move. You need to focus only on information that concerns you at a specific time and use this information. So there's a lot of listening and communication. (34 secs) PFISTERER 2 (ENGLISH): So again, it shows you the human spirit. That despite any disability, especially for blind people, being seen as helpless, they turn it around with this sport and say: "Hey, look what we can do". And we've often had situations when we'd play against professional players and they would lose against our players. So this is what humans can do and this is fantastic. (18 secs) ABDERRAHIM 3 (FRENCH): Football is a pleasure for everybody. (3 secs) VILLEROUX 3 (FRENCH): Blind football is football. (2 secs) ARAZEKI 2 (FRENCH): Football for everyone. (1.5 secs)
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