Cathy Long, Head of Supporter Services, The Premier League (English)



I think our objective is to make sure that anybody that wants to go to a football match has access to it. It's always tricky, because our games are sold out, so not everybody who wants to go can go, but we want to make sure there are no barriers other than that there's demand, really. (02:26) And that when they go, it's not just that they can go to the match, but that they can have access to commentary if that's what they need, or whatever adjustments need to be made, that we can facilitate that as best we can. And that people are confident, I think, going to matches - confident and comfortable in the experience in a big crowd. (31 SEC) I think UEFA's support is just enormous, because there are so many challenges across Europe. We've got such a variety of different stadiums, different sizes of clubs… you know, different levels of finance available for people at different clubs… So I think UEFA having that commitment, and helping everybody and working with everybody, is absolutely vital. (17 SEC)
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