Davor Šuker, Croatian Football Federation (HNS) President



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I'm happy that we can improve technically, and this is a project that helps in rejuvenating the football in this region. We know that we have to organise a lot of football festivals, we know they're important. The associations haven't prioritized less high profile parts of football like futsal and women's football. But as long as I'm part of the association and a part of football, I will fight for the base, for small regions, I will fight for both women's football and men's football. So I'd like to thank UEFA for their support and for their financial support, because it's not easy. First of all, we have to destroy that attitude about girls playing with boys or about girls playing in general. And we have to show that both the women's and men's World Cups are equal. I am not sure whether we're ready or not to find the most talented kids among this pool of talented kids, but I know we need to work very hard
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