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Theodore Theodoridis 1 (EN): From the moment I joined UEFA in January 2008, I'm proud of working in this organisation; I'm proud of its past, I'm proud of what we've done and I'm proud of what we will do. So for me it's a big honour, and I want to thank the members of our Executive Committee for their trust, and I hope I will be able to deliver, but I have to admit that I have a very, very strong group around me, the people who work for UEFA and who have excellent quality. > > Theodore Theodoridis 2 (EN): I believe we have an opportunity of a lifetime. And that if we don't make it happen now, it will never happen. I mean not only with FIFA, but also with the other confederations. Now it's the moment for UEFA to show real solidarity and to be close to the other confederations, and especially to stop...all this relationship... to change completely the relationship with FIFA, and to make it productive for football. That's our mission, and that's what we have to do. It's an opportunity of a lifetime; we cannot get it wrong. > > Theodore Theodoridis 3 (EN): It's very good, because this was the only EXCO position that was not elected, it was an appointment. So it's very good also for the credibility of the member, that it will be a member elected by the Congress. For me, it doesn't stop now: we have to see and possibly expand on the female positions; we have to elect at some point before the end of 2016 also a female representative for FIFA, and the overall discussion of what will we adopt from the FIFA reform process, to see if we add an additional female...we have an additional female position in the Executive Committee. But I'm very positive for female participation in football management.
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