Elite Coach Forum 2014 André Villas-Boas



André Villas-Boas (77 secs) Well, they always come… you feel excited when you come back; first, to meet your colleagues in a more open environment out of competition. You get to share different ideas from these meetings. You always come up with suggestions that might influence UEFA one day, when they get together with the Executive Committee and with the clubs, regarding suggestions that arise, that can be over there… You know, I think throughout time we've seen some impact from things that we have discussed here and I think we will continue to see it; not only the cleaning up of yellow cards for the presence of players in the finals, the Europa League winner being present also in the Champions League qualification for next season; the importance of the away goals: should it be kept or not for the following seasons; the organization of the calendar. So these are always things that we discuss. And from these discussions doubts and assurances are raised that can be taken to the Executive Committee for decisions for the future. So it is always positive and good for us to be part of this decision making.
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