Elite Coach Forum 2014 FERGUSON



Ferguson 1 (32 secs) Well, I was delighted, first of all, at being accepted last year and, of course, I couldn't attend because I was recovering from a hip operation. So, my role was really quite minimal, I think. But today, what I've seen is really important to me: to be able to get all the coaches together. (00:26) And particularly, all the younger coaches because they're the future. But they were able to experience [it], listen to the older coaches, express themselves on their opinions on the game. For me, that was fantastic, I was really delighted they all turned up. Ferguson 2 (49 secs) I don't think there's been great tactical changes. There is always a, I think, consistent formation: the 4-2-3-1. I think that's an obvious [show of the time]. And then, there are little changes, like Juventus putting three centre-backs, but not great tactical changes. I think the consistency of the UEFA Champions League is that the pitches are still great (01:19). That's very important. The standard of the game has been excellent over the past few years. We saw a great final again, a really intense [game], a really derby final, which we've not had… I don't think we've ever had a derby final! So, there were a great [number] of positives about last year. 01:38
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