RE: EXCO UEFA submissions tomorrow ReplyReply allForward Mark as unread HM Hindley Martyn <Martyn.Hindley@uefa.ch> Tue 6/30/2015 12:22 AM Inbox To: Marina S. Ferrer; clientrelations; Cc: Masson Elodie <Elodie.Masson@uefa.ch>; Huguenin Janine <Janine.Huguenin@uefa.ch>; To help protect your privacy, some content in this message has been blocked. To re-enable the blocked features, click here. To always show content from this sender, click here. You replied on 6/30/2015 12:24 AM. Good morning Marina, Please find below, the link to today's submission. We will confirm later today but we are likely to ask that this goes live only around 13.00CET and not before (if you prepare the submission in advance, we'll give the green light after today's press conference in Prague). Thanks and best wishes Martyn http://we.tl/4gtVJuPujx UEFA Executive Committee meets in Prague The UEFA Executive Committee has met in Prague and among their decisions was the allocation of club finals for the 2016/17 season. In the video submission, there is B-roll footage of the event and UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino explains the main results of the meeting. Further information: www.UEFA.org http://www.uefa.org/about-uefa/executive-committee/news/newsid=2261929.html#club+competition+final+venues+prague+agenda Tags: UEFA, Executive Committee, Prague, Czech Republic, decisions, Wales, Cardiff, UEFA Champions League final, UEFA Europa League final, Stockholm, Sweden, football, Gianni Infantino Transcript of soundbites (all answers in English) GIANNI INFANTINO 1 (EN; 0'29") Well, the club competition finals have been decided today, and the matches will be played in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the final 2017 for the Champions League. For the Europa League it will be in the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Solna. And for the UEFA Super Cup 2017, it will be in Skopje, in the National Arena Philip II. GIANNI INFANTINO 2 (EN; 1'20") The UEFA club licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations have been approved, and they have been amended compared to the previous edition - and as of the 1st of July a new edition will enter into force. The reasons for the changes on these regulations are in fact manifold. The first one is that… as it's obvious nothing is set in stone and every two years we… undergo a consultation process, we undergo a process of revision of the regulations; This is one part. And the most important part, the most important reason for the change, is that the whole economic situation of European football has changed. When we introduced these regulations, we had in mind the catastrophic financial situation of club football, with losses in 2011 of the top division clubs in Europe going up to 1.7 billion. We have seen that with the introduction of these regulations the losses went down to a bit over 400 million, so a great success of the regulation - and it's normal that after some time with such successful results we need to review a couple of things, and to make sure that we adapt the regulations accordingly. GIANNI INFANTINO 3 (EN; 2'01") Yes, I think it is important to understand that these regulations don't change like this, out of the blue, but we undergo a very in-depth consultation process. We consult the clubs in particular, because it's the clubs who are affected, and the whole Financial Fair Play concept was introduced jointly with the clubs. So in this process, in the revision process, we discussed with the clubs, we analysed the situation of all the clubs, not only in Western Europe but also in Eastern Europe, the whole of the UEFA territory. We had a great discussion with the European Club Association, we didn't agree on everything to start with, but at the end I think we came together to some very sensitive proposals. What is important to stress is that the rules are adapted. They are not relaxed, they are strengthened. We take into account some situations. For example, we will allow clubs to enter into so-called voluntary agreements, for example when a club is restructured, when a new owner comes into a club and wants to invest some money, this new owner can go to the Club Financial Control Body and present its case and enter into such a voluntary agreement, which will be carefully monitored by the Body, to make sure that there are no losses incurred by this club. Some other changes concern, for example, regions in which the financial situation is not the same compared to other regions who have a financial boom in terms of rights, revenues. So we need to make sure… as UEFA, as the governing body for European football, that we create conditions for all clubs, all over Europe to be able to compete in an appropriate way. So we have to take into consideration also the economic situation in each single country.
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