Lotta Schelin - Sweden 3



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Question: As such an icon, and a leading example of one of the world’s best women players, how would you assess how you feel about the development of women’s football in Europe since you started? Answer: 06.53 A lot has happened both at club and international level. Maybe even more at club level, where the development has taken such big steps over the past few years. 07.08 I’m very happy to have got to be a part of that, to have seen the change and how far we’ve come. I think that process will only continue. Today, women’s football commands more recognition – people know that it exists. 07.28 It’s a sport that is steadily growing and has great potential for development. We’ve come a long way, and once again I’m really happy to have been a part of it and to have helped build something. It feels really great! 07.47
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