Michael Koukoulakis (GRE)



To be here, with the best referees from all over Europe is in itself a remarkable event. My presence here means a lot to me, because I can learn much from the best, I can see how they work and at what level. I can obtain things which I will be able to assimilate in my own career in order to improve and live up to the expectations of people who believe in me. I believe that we, the Greeks, are proud people. You also know that my country is currently passing through difficulties, mostly on an economic level. Nevertheless it doesn't mean that we leave the rest of things on their own luck. We have to keep improving, to look for progress in order to become better ourselves. I can only say that I am proud and the federation and my country deserve a big "Bravo!" for their choice to organize this seminar. I am also proud to belong to this country.
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