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The role of UEFA of course is to promote, to protect and to develop football both on and off the pitch. [18.10] Our Respect campaign was launched in 2008 to promote a spirit of Fair Play and to support the fundamental values of UEFA. We can't really say that coaches and players always show respect to one another and towards the referee, but professional clubs and professional players must always set an example to make sure that this type of behaviour, or any particular type of behaviour is not repeated at grassroots or junior football level. UEFA has written to all clubs participating in competitions this season to inform them that referees will punish players who surround and aggress referees or show any disrespect towards officials and opponents. And a reminder was given to them here in Monaco. And I'm unsure of how they will be punished, but certainly with a yellow card. It is really important not to see such images which I will show you here. With Gianni and with the Disciplinary Commission, and with the Commission and we are reflecting on how to punish the type of inappropriate behaviour by players. As you know, referees have all means at their disposal to ensure they are respected, they are not using them but I am trying to find something. For the time being I didn't find anything other than to recommend the referees are more strict against players running towards them and who aggress them. It gives a bad image of football. Do we have the images?
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