First and foremost we need active participants on the pitch but also in the authorities. I can say that I had the maximum experience, having played in three different countries, I speak the languages and I've met a lot of people. The most important thing is a smile. If you make a mistake you can fix a lot with a smile. Knowing my contracts and the clubs, you could only open your eyes wide and enjoy the moments. But when you finish your career, of course you need to develop further. I enrolled into the Livertes University, and currently this is my third year in Sports Management. To finish and create a basic need for what is required to be a President or bureaucrat who works for the association and with sports. This sport differs in different countries. In some countries we develop…. we talk about sports management in Croatia, but our infrastructure is poor and that is what we need to develop. Before we work on marketing, we need to build up the base. I hope that we will be part of all of that, and because of that each exam and all progress is very important for our career, and in the end in football the most important thing is team work. Without it one individual will have difficulties creating anything.
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