Tony Estanguet



It's true that Euro 2016 is an opportunity for us to raise environmental and social questions. I think that there is a great mobilising strength when it comes to major sporting events, as well as a major educational purpose. Personally, I think sport can really play an important part in raising awareness. It's not particularly easy to understand what sustainable development really means, and I think that today, even if the organisers of these major events - like Euro 2016 - are doing important things, it is now time to include fans and spectators, as well as the athletes themselves, who every week practice sport, and take part in other less major events. I think that it is this collectivity that Euro 2016 can put together, and therefore link sports at the highest level with every day sports (of all levels), because at the end of the day, it is daily activities that have the most impact. It's true that we are all affected by major events, we all remember them, and some people start practicing sport thanks to these major events. And today, we also have the opportunity to educate, through Euro 2016.
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