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09:58:30 Bars and Tone 09:59:30 Clock 10:00:00 UEFA film. ENG subtitles. 10:04:51 UEFA film. FRA subtitles. 10:09:43 UEFA film. GER subtitles. 10:14:34 UEFA film. No subtitles/clean version. 10:19:26 UEFA President Michel Platini Quote (French). Il y a cent ans, à l'occasion de la première guerre mondiale, des soldats, d'un côté et de l'autre, dans le froid, dans le vent, dans la pluie, ont décidé de faire taire les armes, et puis de chanter, un soir de Noel, et puis de jouer au foot. Alors c'était tout à fait normal que le football européen leur donne un hommage appuyé, à tous ces gens qui ce soir-là on décidé de penser à quelque chose de positif, et c'était notre rôle de s'en souvenir. ENG TRANSLATION One hundred years ago, during the first world war, soldiers on both sides of the battle lines, in the cold, wind and rain, decided to lower their arms, sing Christmas carols and play football. So it was perfectly normal for European football to pay a glowing tribute to them, to all those who decided on that evening to think about something positive, and it was our role to remember them. 10:20:02 David Cameron Quote (English) World War One profoundly changed our world and 100 years on it's right that it is remembered. Every war is cruel, but this war was unlike any other. The death and the suffering was on a scale that outstrips any other conflict. Yet there was this unique moment, when the guns fell silent and football united people. When the armies set out, many thought that they'd be home by Christmas, so as we approach the centenary of that unlikely game of football, it's right that Europe's footballing family remembers and cherishes the peace that we now have. 10:20:43 François Hollande Quote (French) Il y a 100 ans, un jour de Noël, des hommes de bonne volonté sont sortis de leurs tranchées pour partager un moment de fraternité. Sur le front, ce 25 décembre, les obus et les tirs se sont tus. Quelques heures,seulement mais assez pour que de jeunes soldats français, anglais, allemands ou belges échangent des regards et des sourires et improvisent un match de football. Ce sport universel aura donc permis que les armes se taisent et les uniformes tombent le temps d'une rencontre. Ces soldats n'étaient plus français, anglais, allemands ou belges en ce matin de Noël 1914, ils étaient des humains. Cette histoire est le plus bel hommage que l'on peut rendre au sport et au football. ENG TRANSLATION On Christmas Day 100 years ago, in a spirit of goodwill, men emerged from their trenches to share a moment of friendship. At the front on that 25 December, the shelling and shooting stopped. Just for a few hours, but long enough for young French, English, German and Belgian soldiers to exchange looks and smiles, and to play a spontaneous game of football. This universal sport briefly gave those soldiers a chance to lay down their arms and their uniforms. They were no longer Frenchmen, Englishmen, Germans or Belgians that Christmas morning in 1914; they were humans. This story is the greatest tribute that could ever be paid to sport and to football. 10:21:40 Script Author - Michael Morpurgo Quote (English) I think it's very significant that UEFA have done this - and that the politicians and footballers from different countries have joined together, realising and understanding the significance of this particular story for us today. That's why they've done it. That's why you're making this film. It's because we all recognise that this was a moment of real hope for the men who took part in it. It was dashed hope, but then all these years later it has been to a great extent, a realised hope. Sadly they weren't alive to see it but it seems to me that, for all nations, when you go to war you don't fight a war in order to make another war afterwards. If there was a thought in the head of those soldiers it must have been: I'm doing this, yes because I want my side to win, but I want my children and my children's children to live in peace. And I bet that that was in the heads of an awful lot of soldiers, whatever the colour of their uniform during that war. They were prepared to go through what they were going through - yes because they were told to and yes because they wanted to win, but at the end of the day if it was worth doing at all, then it was worth doing so that there would be peace. And everyone could go home and this thing could stop. 10:23:05 *Michael Morpurgo B-Roll 10:23:58 Sir Bobby Charlton Quote (English) Football is such a dramatic game, and it's such a great game for those people who play it. And for these people to come together, two forces to come together in the middle of a war and to say together how they feel, that this situation is a disgrace really which shouldn't happen. I am unbelievably flattered to be asked to come and do this because for me to even think about doing something that will help then I am delighted to do so. 10:24:42 *B-roll of Wayne Rooney Shoot in Manchester – MUTE PICTURES 10:25:41 *B-roll of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm in Munich – MUTE PICTURES 10:27:19 Musician - Joe Alexander Shepherd Quote (English) I wrote the track at home, I live in the countryside so I am inspired by the fields and my surroundings. Its probably the quickest track I have ever written, which I did in under and hour which is very surprising as I would normally spend a lot of time but I was really pleased with the product and the feedback that I got online and now to be part of UEFA is really exciting and I am thankful to you for this opportunity. 10:27:54 *Joe Alexander Shepherd B-Roll 10:29:10 OUT * Behind the Scenes
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