• 19-NOV-2013


UNICEF Appealing for $34 million For Emergency Relief Efforts in The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall anywhere in the world, affecting 11.3 million people including 4.4 million children. It has flooded villages, knocked out power, and left tremendous damage in its wake. Thousands are reported dead so far, with the number of casualties expected to rise in the coming days.

UNICEF expects children to be among the worst affected by Typhoon Haiyan and has focused its priorities on life-saving interventions—getting essential medicines, nutrition supplies, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families.

President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Caryl M. Stern, tells you how you can contribute and help UNICEF reach its goal and establish emergency programs in water, sanitation and hygiene; nutrition, education, and child protection.