Shoot Location

N'Djamena, Chad

General views
1) MWS water vendor 2) MCU water vendor 3) MS water vendor pushing cart 4) MS filling jerry cans 5) OS water vendor filling jerry cans 6) MS vendor filling bucket 7) WS wan carrying bucket 8) WS tilt up overflow to tree 9) CU water meter 10) WS water vendors and cart number plate 11) WS carpet washer 12) WS man crossing water 13) WS trash in water 14) WS men fishing 15) CU opening tool box 16) CU tightening tap 17) MS tightening tap 18) MWS girl filling then lifting bow 19) MCU Pan girl with bowl passing 20) MCU little boy at fence 21) MS tilt up men from Secours Islamique France (NGO) discussing water system 22) MS men from ISF discussing panels 23) CU Chef of quartier sign 24) WS sign and water tank 25) SOUNDBITE: Abbakaka Tidjani, Chief of Habbena Quartier "They were going to build the system in the leper compound, but there they said no, we need our space, and as chief of this quartier I know how important water is here, people are always struggling for water, so I gave up my own land for this system. If we had lost this opportunity, it would not have come again." 26) SOUNDBITE: Abbakaka Tidjani, Chief of Habbena Quartier "in the past, people used to collect water from open wells, but in the rainy season, they overflowed and became full of bacteria and there was a lot of sickness and diarrhoea, but since we got this system a year ago, there hasn't been any more of that." 27) MS Abbakaka feeding son water 28) MS woman wrapping scarf over her head 29) MS Aisha tossing tomatoes 30) MS kids drinking water from pip
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