In Kenya, maternal shelters are part of a broad package of care designed



Shoot Location

Garissa, Kenya

Edited Package (English Mono Mix)
1.Wide shot, women outside the Maternal shelter in Garissa town 2.Medium shot, women outside the Maternal shelter in Garissa town 3.Medium shot, women outside the Maternal shelter in Garissa town 4.Medium shot, men and women outside the Maternal shelter in Garissa town 5.Medium shot, women walking to maternal shelter 6.Close up shot, feet walking 7.Medium shot, arriving at the Maternal shelter 8.Medium shot, nurse examining pregnant woman 9.Medium close up, nurse examining pregnant woman 10.Medium shot, woman in hospital on way to operating room 11.Close up, belly 12.Medium shot, doctor adjusting the light 13.Medium close up shot, doctor and nurse 14.Medium shot, newly born baby handed to nurse 15.Medium shot, mother on stretcher 16.Medium shot, mother being lifted off of stretcher 17.Medium shot, inside hospital room 18.Medium shot, parents with new baby 19.Soundbite: (Swahili) Mohamed Issach, Father of Fatuma " We have been staying here for a month now. We are provided with everything like charcoal, sugar and even food. " 20.Medium shot, courtyard 21.Medium close up, woman with kettle 22.Medium shot, women talking 23.Close up, mother with newborn baby 24.Mediums shot, woman on mattress with new baby 25.Medium close up, mother with baby in netted bed 26.Soundbite: (Somali) Habiba Ero, Mother of Faihan "I was referred here after I had five miscarriages. Every time, I conceive an abortion would occur. I came here to see a doctor who operated me and I was referred to the maternity shelter. I have been here for 5months now and I have given birth, I'm very happy". 27.Wide shot, Rayan Village in Garissa 28.Medium shot, hut in village 29.Medium shot, women and children in village 30.Medium close up, Dakan Billo talking holding her baby with children and women nearby 31.Medium shot, woman walking 32.Soundbite: (Somali) Dakan Billow, Raya village "I'm grateful to the maternity shelter, if I see any mother around in similar problems, I would advise them to got to maternity centre because I know they will get assistance." 33.Close up, baby to mother 34.Soundbite: (Somali) Shagaa Issack, Mother of Fatuma "I'm very happy because I came here empty handed but now I will go home with my baby. During the operation, I had problems that led to blood transfusion but now I'm feeling better. So as soon as I recover, I will go home." 35.Wide shot, village 36.Medium shot, inside hut 37.Medium shot, children outside hut 38.Soundbite(English) Dr, Mohamed Sheikh, Provincial Public Health Officer The facility ia a good thing to have yes, but we need to have a budget reallocation . we need this from the ministry especially for maternal shelter, so as to be able to take care of the hospital and to be able to take care of these mothers." 39.Medium shot, sitting women 40.Close up, baby 41.Close up, mother 42.Soundbite: (English) Khatra Abdi, Nurse in- Charge Garissa General Hospital "This…has the highest mortality rate in the country which is 1000 and above. When it comes to child health we have improved tremendously..we are talking figures of 80 per 1000 for what we call under 5 mortality compared to 7 (inaudible) per thousand." 43.Wide shot, women sitting outside the Maternal shelter 44.Wide shot, woman sitting outside the Maternal shelter 45.Medium shot, nurse wrapping a child after she was born
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