UNICEF chief sounds alarm in the Sahel



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Mao, Chad

Video News Footage
Mao, Chad Medium shot, Tony Lake listening to UNICEF staff in field 1. Wide shot Mr. Lake and group walking past UNICEF tent 2. Medium Mr. Lake listening to UNICEF staff talk about nutrition situation in Mao 3. Various, CNT – Centre Nutritionelle et Therapeutique 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF:"Already here in Chad, as you saw in the charts we looked at, the rates of severe actute malnutrition, in which children are in imminent peril of dying, is already at the beginning of this year, higher than at the worst times of any previous year. So this looks to be a very, very serious crisis. Nutritional deficiencies kill children, but even more they weaken them, to other diseases – so the children here are receiving treatment, not just for malnutrition, but also with vaccinations, and with immediate medical care for other diseases as well. When you see it coming, there is absolutely no excuse for the international community not to have been reacting." 5. Various, UNICEF sponsored health centre Mongo, Chad 6. Wide shot, men walking across tarmac 7. Medium shot, Mr. Lake meeting UNICEF Staff 8. Various, camels 9. Various, nutrition centre 10. Various, people on horseback. 11. Various, Mr Lake with community members END SHOTLIST
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