UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow visits malnourished children in Chad



Shoot Date

13 Feb 2012

Shoot Location

Mao, Chad

Production Company


Video news footage 1
1-WIDE SHOT Mia stepping off plane in Mao 2-MEDIUM SHOT Mia meeting local delegation in Mao 3- WIDE SHOT donkeys carrying hay 4-Close up, boy 5-Medium shot, boy in tree 6- WIDE SHOT passing houses 7- WIDE SHOT mother and child 8- CLOSE UP child 9-Close up, child's leg 10-Medium shot, Mia Farrow touching child 11-Medium close up, baby being handed to Ms Farrow 12-SOUNDBITE (Chadian Arabic) Awa Abakar, Mother "The child had diarrhoea, fever and scabs on his head, so I took him to the Bira health center, they gave him two injections and sent me to the Tula health center where they diagnosed severe malnutrition and they sent me here." 13-Wide shot, women in clinic with their children 14-Medium close up, child being given food 15-Medium shot, mother on floor with malnourished child 16- SOUNDBITE (English) , Mia Farrow, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador "This little girl is on the mend, but when she was admitted she was near death's door. Across the Sahel, which we are in now, in Western Chad, more than a million babies are at risk of starving in the next months. It's the desertification of this area, the repeated failure of crops year after year, people are unable to grow things, the animals die and the children suffer. So without help this little girl wouldn't be sitting in my arms" 17-Wide shot, Mia Farrow in UNICEF warehouse 18- MEDIUM SHOT Mia reading label and UNICEF worker explaining plumpy nut. 19- CLOSE UP Mia holding plumpy nut 20- WIDE SHOT Mia and entourage looking at field 21- WIDE SHOT men working in field 22-Medium close up, rake tending to field 23-Medium close up, pan, tilt up water in filed to worker
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