UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Selena Gomez visits UNICEF House



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11 Apr 2012

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Video news package with International split track audio. Narrated by Chris Niles
UNICEF Ambassador Selena Gomez created a storm on Twitter when she asked her eleven million followers to take action on the growing nutrition crisis in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa where more than one million children could die. She followed up her online activism with a visit to UNICEF's office of emergency programmes, where she was briefed on UNICEF's work around the globe – including the importance of an immediate response in the drought-stricken Sahel. SOUNDBITE (English) Selena Gomez UNICEF Ambassador "Right now there's a million children their lives are at risk right now in the Sahel region of west and central Africa and they're from malnutrition and preventable causes so it's really urgent right now and that's where they need the most help so I want to be extremely vocal and educate people to let them know that together with UNICEF we can save so many kids' lives." Miss Gomez, who has worked with UNICEF since 2009, saw how UNICEF equipment like School in a Box helps to create a sense of normalcy for children in the aftermath of disaster. And she promised to do all that she could to encourage her enormous fan base to support UNICEF's work. SOUNDBITE (English) Selena Gomez UNICEF Ambassador "I absolutely believe in social media. When it comes to being connected so instantly with your fans it's also being connected with what's going on around the world. You can find out anything within ten seconds so I have such loyal incredible fans and I know that they want to help out and even people who might not even know who I am could hear about it from their voice and getting the word around, so I think it's extremely important." Miss Gomez recorded a public service announcement which encourages young people to donate ten dollars to UNICEF's campaign to prevent deaths in the Sahel. And she hopes that her example will encourage other young people to act. SOUNDBITE (English) Selena Gomez UNICEF Ambassador "Every little thing counts. I always say that, ever since I've started. Whether its volunteering or donating or even just telling people, it's as simple as that, talking to your family about it, talking to your friends about it, I met a young girl who was twelve and her and six of her friends raised $3,000 for UNICEF so things like that are really encouraging for helping others and for yourself." Miss Gomez, who is just 19 herself, said children and young people were eager to know about issues in the developing world and to find out ways to become involved.
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