UNICEF makes gains in child survival in Rwanda with pneumonia and diarrhea vaccine



Shoot Date

01 Jun 2012

Shoot Location

Kinyarwanda, Rwanda

B-roll 2
Shotlist BROLL 2 : 1. Wide of Monique walking to health centre 2. Wide Monique greeting Bonhue at health centre 3. Medium Monique walking into pharmacy 4. Zoom out of Zinc drugs 5. Medium of Oral Rehydration Salts being put on shelf 6. Zoom out of list of drugs on shelf 7. Close up of ORS on box 8. Medium of health worker taking ORS from box 9. Medium of a health worker and community healthcare worker 10. Close up of community health worker holding ORS 11. Tilt up of health worker writing in book at pharmacy 12. Close up of health worker writing in book at pharmacy 13. Wide of Monique walking to medicine box 14. Medium of Monique opening medicine box 15. Close up of Monique taking out zinc tablets from box 16. Wide of Monique leaving house 17. Wide of Monique walking up road 18. Medium of Monique walking up road 19. Wide of Monique at Chantal's house 20. Medium of Chantal opening door and Monique and Chantal greet 21. Wide of ORS on books 22. Close up of ORS on books 23. Wide of Monique washing hands 24. Close up of Monique washing hands 25. Wide of Monique holding water for ORS fluid 26. Zoom out of Monique opening ORS packet 27. Medium of Monique putting salts into bottle 28. Close up of Monique mixing fluid 29. Wide of Monique mixing fluid 30. Medium of Monique giving cup of ORS fluid to Chantal 31. Close up of Moise drinking fluid 32. Close up of Zinc tablets 33. Wide of Monique writing in book 34. Wide of Monique giving Chantal medicine 35. Wide of Monique leaving Chantal's House 36. Wide of Rwanda landscape 37. Zoom out of Rwanda's landscape
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