UNICEF reports on an increase in malnutrition cases in Chad as the Sahel region is hit by a severe food crisis



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12 Apr 2012

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N'djamena, Chad – 6 April 2012 1. Medium shot, woman in burka holding malnourished child 2. Close shot, child in mothers arms being measured with armband 3. Close shot, arm band measurement 4. Wide shot, women with children waiting for nutritional screening 5. Medium shot, women and children waiting for nutritional screening 6. SOUNDBITE (French), Sister Merceline M'Po, Nurse, Notre Dame of the Apostles Dispensary: "Today there are a lot of children suffering from Kwashiokor and Marasme. In 2008 there were cases [of malnutrition], but not like last year and this year." N'djamena, Chad - 5 April 2012 7. Medium shot, woman at market selling goods 8. Medium shot, nuts on ground at woman's stall 9. Medium shot, woman measuring and packaging soup powder 10. SOUNDBITE (Chadian Arabic) Maimouna Danaa, Vendor: "It's because there is no rain – there has been no rain." 11. Wide shot, mother placing baby in weighing basin 12. Close shot, scale 13. Medium shot, baby in weigh basin with arm-band measure 14. Close shot, arm-band measure 15. SOUNDBITE (Chadian Arabic) Khadija Mahamat, Mother: "We have some trouble at home with having enough to eat. My husband is a motorcycle taxi man – but lately the money isn't enough." 16. Medium shot, mothers with babies in consultation room 17. Close shot, baby with medication in foreground 18. Medium shot, nurse with mother and child 19. Close shot, child and stethoscope
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