UNICEF reports on an increase in the number of malnourished children in Mali as the food crisis in the region worsens



Shoot Date

09 Apr 2012

Shoot Location

Tako Village, Djenné Province, Mali

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Video news footage 1
1. Wide shot, horse carriage drives through dusty field 2. Close shot, mothers riding in horse carriage 3. Close shot, Driver and horse 4. Medium shot, horse carriage drives through dusty field Konio Clinic, Konio village Djenné District 5. Wide shot, horse carriage arrives at health post 6. Wide shot, mothers walk to health post 7. Med shot, pan down, mothers with babies wait at health post 8. Close shot, 9. Close shot, Underweight baby 10. Close shot, Mother 11. Close shot, Sleeping baby 12. Close shot, Underweight baby 13. Close shot, Mother breastfeeds baby 14. Med shot, Mother and nurse 15. Close shot, Nurse measures baby for malnutrition 16. Med shot, Nurse writes in journal 17. Close shot.Nurse writes in journal 18. Med shot - Nurse feeds baby Plump'Nut 19. Various shots, baby being fed Plumpy'Nut 20. Med shot, Nurse gives Plumpy'Nut 21. Various shots, Plumpy'Nut box
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