• 14-OCT-2013

  • SOURCE: United Spinal Association

Murderball Star and Paralympian in PSA Targeting Accessible Parking for Those with Disabilities

United Spinal Association and quad rugby Paralympian, Mark Zupan, the star of the Academy Award nominated documentary "Murderball", have teamed up to produce a fast-paced exciting public service announcement to put a face on the person who needs that accessible parking space nondisabled people are so tempted to use "just for a minute."

The PSA blends courtside shots of Zupan in his quad rugby wheelchair and footage of him behind the wheel of a custom Ford Mustang set against a backdrop of a powerful soundtrack. It also dramatically contrasts Zupan's intimidating presence with his efforts to move a thoughtless driver out of an accessible parking spot leaving the clear message that parking in an accessible spot, even for a minute, is "60 seconds too long."

Misuse of parking reserved for people with disabilities is a daily frustration for the disabled community and inconsiderate use of these spots restricts their ability to shop, make doctor appointments, and actively participate in daily life.

Take action with our handy "Just a Minute…" is 60 Seconds too long parking pad. Simply slip one of these informative reminders under the offender's windshield wiper and you've made your point! For more information, visit: www.unitedspinal.org and download the pad at http://www.unitedspinal.org/pdf/parkingpad.pdf

This spot is available in both :30 and :60 second lengths.