• 22-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: United Way

NFL Players Hope to Help Cut the High School Dropout Rate in Half by 2018: The United Way TEAM NFL Youth Empowerment Summit to Recruit One Million Volunteers to Improve the Academic Success of Students

Children learn to read for the first few years, but after fourth grade they're reading to learn. Without strong reading skills, they fall behind, get discouraged and often drop out. That's why a group NFL stars representing every team in the league is teaming up with United Way to help recruit one million volunteer readers, tutors and mentors to improve the academic successes of students across America. They are hoping to create communities of support who give their time to advancing and empowering the youth to create a brighter future.

Leading the way is ambassador Nnamdi Asomugha (pronounced NAHM-dee AH-səm-wah) who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. On June 20th, professional athletes and students from around the country participated in a youth empowerment summit to discuss education in America and determine how individuals can help decrease the high school dropout rate. The next day, TEAM NFL members and students from their home cities took to Capitol Hill to speak with the members of congress about education issues.

Available content includes soundbites from Stacey D. Stewart, Executive VP of Community Impact Leadership and Learning, United Way Worldwide, and Nnamdi Asomugha.


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