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A Few Good Nurses



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ANCHOR LEAD: Nurses are vital members of the medical community, and Brian Osuch finds out why there's a growing need for more people to enter into the profession. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. A recent study from University of Phoenix College of Health Professions finds that nearly half of Americans polled received the majority of their health care over the past three years from nurses. Executive Dean of University of Phoenix College of Health Professions, Tamara Rozhon, says the role of the nurse is expanding for a few reasons. CUT: (Rozhon) Number one is the Affordable Care Act, which has enabled more than 16-million Americans to get health care coverage. We've also got the Baby boomers, 44-million of whom are now 65 years of age and older and they're demanding more and different care. And of course, we've seen a shift to retail health. There are 10-million annual visits to retail health locations and those clinics are generally manned by advanced practice nurses. SCRIPT: Can this increase in demand lead to a shortage of qualified nurses… CUT: (Rozhon) By 2025, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services believes that we will need 952,000 more nurses than we currently have. SCRIPT: For more, go to Phoenix.edu and click College of Health Professions. That's Newsbreak from the University of Phoenix.
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