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Coming Home to Another Battle



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ANCHOR LEAD: By 2016 over 1-million U.S. troops will have left the military and likely face a new battle at home – finding a job. But Brian Osuch finds out there is help to make the transition. (: 60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. For many U.S. service members looking to transition to the civilian workforce, a big question is what can I do to make this move? University of Phoenix's retired Colonel Dr. Garland Williams says service members need to start early. CUT: (Dr. Williams) At the University of Phoenix, we did a survey and we found that only 33% have a transition plan. SCRIPT: After 28-years of serving our country, Dr. Williams says he too should have started the transition sooner. CUT: (Dr. Williams) I realized, I should have started two years out with a transitional checklist to make sure I adequately assessed my military experience, and adequately assessed my educational experience, to see if I was in the right place to move to corporate America. SCRIPT: And is there help to make this big move? CUT: (Dr. Williams) We have a military skills translator tool, where a military member can put in their military occupational specialty. And they would spit out what the comparable jobs and salaries and locations would be. For our students and alumni, they can get access to resume help. We have military dedicated career coaches to help them get ready for the interviews. SCRIPT: And for those unsure of the job field they want to enter? CUT: (Dr. Williams) They can take something called the Career Interest Profiler tool – series of 15 questions to help narrow their interests. SCRIPT: For more, go to Phoenix-dot-edu. That's Newsbreak from University of Phoenix.
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