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Interests + Education = Job



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ANCHOR LEAD: Some say you should follow the equation… interests + education = a job. But, sometimes jobseekers need a little help. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Is it really possible to match your passion to the job market? University of Phoenix's, Michael Bevis thinks so and says it starts by asking yourself the right questions. CUT: (Bevis) University of Phoenix has created this free tool for job seekers called Phoenix Career Services, where individuals can go out there and truly indentify their interests and their passions through the Career Interest Profiler tool. SCRIPT: Bevis says there are about three-million jobs out there employers can't seem to find the "right" employee matches for. He says you can become that "right" fit once you know your interests and learn about that specific job market. CUT: (Bevis) Through the Job Market Research tool, they can understand more about a particular industry. The jobs themselves within that industry, what salary opportunities are there, what the educational requirements are, what the specific skills are needed in order to obtain the jobs in that particular industry. SCRIPT: For more, log onto Phoenix-dot-edu-slash-career-services. That's Newsbreak from University of Phoenix. I'm Brian Osuch
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