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ANCHOR LEAD: Have you ever considered becoming a teacher? We all have memories of a favorite teacher from school. She encouraged you when you were ready to give up on a subject. He inspired you to love history in a new way. Brian Osuch gives us some insight on the prospects of becoming an educator in America. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 6 to 17 percent job growth for educators in the next eight years for preschool through high school teachers, depending on the grade level. But still, many individuals are hesitant to choose it as their career path. Dr. Eve Breier, College Chair for University of Phoenix College of Education… CUT: (Breier) The challenges that teachers face today includes common course state standards and higher accountability, but great teaching will always look the same. You're making sure that you are activating prior knowledge, teaching, re-teaching, reinforcing and continuously informally and formally assessing students. SCRIPT: A recent University of Phoenix survey of K-12 teachers reveals half of teachers chose the profession because they were inspired by their childhood teachers. CUT: (Breier) To be a teacher is the most inspiring and motivating job and powerful too! You can allow children to recognize their dreams and what they want to become whether that's career readiness skills or on the track to going to college. SCRIPT: With the help of new technologies, social media and new education models, it's an exciting time to become a teacher. That's News Break from the University Of Phoenix.
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