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Preparing For The Private Sector



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ANCHOR LEAD: American troops continue to take the journey out of the military into civilian life. Brian Osuch has more on a few steps they should take before returning back into America's workforce. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Thousands of service members are returning from active duty over the next two years. VP of military external relations for University of Phoenix, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Adam Such, says service members should take the last two years of duty to plan for this transition by doing two key things… CUT: (Colonel Adam Such) Translate your military experience into civilian terms that a hiring manager can understand and are relevant to the position or career you're seeking. Also look closely at your education. If the career you want needs certain educational requirements you don't have, talk to your base education office to explore options to shore up the gap. SCRIPT: The goal is to help service members enter corporate America the first day after they exit… CUT: (Colonel Adam Such) The Transitional Assistance Program will help you learn how to write a resume, master interview techniques and access the fantastic educational benefits available to you. Also consider looking into veteran service organizations that have robust career centers on their websites such as AMVETS and the American Legion. SCRIPT: For more information visit legion.org and amvets.org. That's Newsbreak from University of Phoenix.
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