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The New American Dream



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ANCHOR LEAD: A new survey examines the desire of American workers to be business owners. Brian Osuch has the details on what it takes to be "entrepreneurial." (:60) SCRIPT: Education Now, I'm Brian Osuch. According to a new national University of Phoenix School of Business survey, 50 percent of working adults in the U.S. either currently own or want to own their own businesses, but many don't know what it take to be a successful entrepreneur. Michael Bevis with the University of Phoenix… CUT: (Bevis) Businesses that fail tend to do so because the business owner themselves lacks skills in critical areas, such as marketing, legal expertise related to operating the business and sales experience. SCRIPT: According to Bevis, a key to successful entrepreneurship is knowing how to emphasize strengths, but also how to straighten weaknesses. CUT: (Bevis) You have to be able to understand the education needed to develop skills that you might need to improve upon. 69 percent of the current business owners that we surveyed indicated that they felt there would be a significant benefit to them to seek out additional education. SCRIPT: For more information visit Phoenix.edu. That's Education Now from University of Phoenix. I'm Brian Osuch.
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