• 07-MAY-2014

  • SOURCE: University of Phoenix

Lead, Inspire, Innovate: Become a Teacher

We all have memories of a favorite teacher from school. She encouraged you when you were ready to give up on a subject. He inspired you to love history in a new way. There is no denying that teachers have a unique ability to impact children's lives. That's why Teacher Appreciation Week was started – to thank teachers for their dedication and inspiration in the classroom. Many individuals are hesitant to go down such a challenging career path, but the rewards and opportunities of the teaching profession are endless.

Former K-12 teacher Dr. Eve Breier discusses the many benefits of teaching, expected job growth in the field and the challenges that face educators in America. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 6% - 19% job growth for educators between 2012 and 2022, depending on the grade level.

Dr. Breier also shares stats from a new University of Phoenix survey about why teachers say they pursued their careers, what they like most about teaching and the greatest challenges they face in their jobs.