• 03-MAY-2016

  • SOURCE: University of Phoenix

Now is the Time to Teach!

New Survey Reveals Why Teachers Recommend the Profession to Others and Why it's a Good Time to Become a Teacher

There is a critical teacher shortage facing school districts across the nation which is being fueled in part by many Baby Boomers approaching retirement. Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6)will be a good time to recognize teachers and also talk about the opportunities that exist in the profession. According to a University of Phoenix College of Education K-12 teacher survey, job satisfaction numbers among teachers often exceed those of the general working population. In fact, in 2015, 88% percent of K-12 were satisfied with their decision to become a teacher and 68 percent would recommend the profession to others. 2016 survey data will be revealed during Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

Dr. Pamela M. Roggeman is available to discuss the critical need for qualified teachers, the many benefits of teaching, why it is a good time to become a teacher and the different pathways to teaching. Dr. Roggeman can also discuss how parents can best support their children's teachers. She will also share new teacher survey data that will help viewers decide if teaching is right for them, including; why teachers chose the profession, what they enjoy most about it, and how they want parents involved in their classrooms.