• 11-SEP-2014

  • SOURCE: University of Phoenix

The New American Dream

Entrepreneur Survey Series: Half of Americans Want to Own Their Business

Half (50 percent) of working adults in the U.S. either currently own or want to own their own businesses, according to a new national University of Phoenix School of Business survey. Of working Americans who do not currently own a business, nearly two-in-five (39 %) hope to do so in the future – this increases to 52% for workers in their 20s.

The survey, part of a series focused specifically on entrepreneurship, examined the desire American workers have to be business owners, what holds them back, if they take initiative to be "entrepreneurial" in their existing careers and what they would change about their workplaces. The next survey is focused on business owners themselves—the challenges they faced when starting a business, the ones they still face, the health of their businesses, advice for other entrepreneurs, etc.

Michael Bevis, Director of Academic Affairs for University of Phoenix and Faculty Member of the School of Business offers recommendations for individuals who want to start a business. And for those who are not quite ready, he even offers advice on how to be more entrepreneurial in their careers.