• 01-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: Volvo Trucks

Successful Field Tests Open Door to Non-Fossil Transport System

Volvo Trucks has proved the fuel Bio-DME successful in ten specially adapted Volvo Trucks used in a field test. The carbon emissions from Bio-DME is virtually zero and the fuel can be produced from biomass both cost and energy efficiently. For the transport industry, this could reduce dependence on oil and thereby the environmental impact. Since last autumn, ten specially adapted Volvo trucks have been operating on Swedish roads. They do not stand out in the traffic - they do not travel more slowly and they do not look any different - but they are revolutionary. The reason is that they are powered by bio-DME, a fuel that is produced from biomass - in other words, renewable, totally natural raw materials - which reduces carbon emissions by 95 per cent compared with diesel. The field tests have now reached the halfway point and the results so far have both met and exceeded expectations. Available material includes edited packages with and without narration as well as stills.