• 21-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: Volvo Trucks

Truck design requires insight into the future

The process of developing a new truck starts many years before it is launched. During that time a lot can change, which requires insight into the future to develop a design that is not only timely on its arrival, but is also considered innovative.

"We started working with the new Volvo FH back in 2006," says Rikard Orell, Design Director at Volvo Trucks. "Back then no one had heard of the iPhone. Yet when the Volvo FH was launched in 2012, smart-phones were suddenly an integral part of society. We must be able to predict this kind of change."

Comprehensive business intelligence is an important part of the design process, in order to predict how society will develop five, ten and fifteen years into the future. This includes everything from interviewing drivers to investigating trends within technology and culture.