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For happy drivers and happy owners: A real business winner (with narration)



Shoot Date

18 Apr 2012

Shoot Location

Gothenburg, Sweden

Production Company

Volvo Group

Edited Package with narration
Here Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, shares his thoughts on why the new Volvo FH is a real winner – both for the drivers', the haulage companies and for Volvo Trucks. Claes Nilsson: The new FH is not only a new product it's a complete concept, a complete transport solution, that will make our customers even more profitable. Claes Nilsson: When we developed the new product, of course we have listened to our customers and the needs of our customers and this new product has really been designed to be the drivers choice. We now how dependent our owners, are and on the drivers performance and therefore happy driver has a happy owner. That is a very clear connection between these two. Claes Nilsson: The other two main features that customers are asking for is fuel efficiency and uptime. It will be very efficient in terms of fuel consumption and fuel consumption is, if not the, then among the higest cost items for any truck operator but also uptime is equally important. The trucks need to be on the road when they are supposed to be on the road and I strongly believe it will actually ad some benefits to our customers. Claes Nilsson: With this new product I am sure that we will maintain, and maybe even improve our premium image, in the market. And what the premium image means for our customers is of course that they have a product that they can rely on, that they will have happy drivers. The premium image also means for us that we will maintain market leadership wherever this product is being sold. And thereby we strongly believe that this is a win-win. It is a win for our customers and it is a winning concept for Volvo Trucks.
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