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The flagship vehicle and crown jewel of Volvo Trucks



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08 Apr 2012

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Edited Package with narration and subtitles
The new Volvo FH-series also means a brand new Volvo FH16 – a top of the line truck often referred to as Volvo Trucks' flagship vehicle. Whether you are looking for top engine performance and great productivity or just have a high image consciousness – this new FH16 won't leave anybody disappointed . It is the crown jewel in the Volvo model line-up. Speaker 1: The new Volvo FH series also means a brand new Volvo FH16, a top of the line truck often referred to as Volvo Trucks' flagship vehicle. Speaker 2: Almost 20 years have passed since the first Volvo FH16 was launched on the market. It has always represented the crown jewel in the Volvo model line-up. The choice for the customers with needs for top engine performance, great productivity and high image consciousness. Over the years the demand has just kept on growing. Christer Pehrsson: The development of the new FH16, just like all other development, is based on customer needs. The needs for heavier loads have made us continuously improve the FH16, make it stronger, more fuel efficient, without compromising the environment. Speaker 4: The word 'productivity' is key when it comes to the new Volvo FH16, as it is to the whole transport industry today. The truck comes with a large range of engine options; the biggest being 750 horsepower, and it can manage heavier cargo than ever before. Christer Pehrsson: Productivity, simply put, is that our customer wants to move as much goods as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. And if your driving in an environment with high mountains for instance you will need the power and the torqe to be sure that your keeping that high average speed. And the FH16 is the perfect tool for doing that in the heavy transport segment. But of course, we also have prestigious customers, which we call image customers, that really really want to drive the best, not only the best looking truck but also the best driveline to have the ultimate driving experience and we also see that kind of customer buying this truck. Speaker 5: The new Volvo FH16 also has greater power at lower rpm. For the truck operator, this means a gentler, calmer and less wearing drive. To enhance its image of strength and power, the new Volvo FH16 is black as the night and the grill is coloured silver. The interior textiles also have unique designs, which add to the truck's attitude. Christer Pehrsson: We are very proud of this FH16 not only because it is very productive or have a high engine performance but also because we want to provide the drivers with the highest driver experience and we are sure we have succeeded in that with this new FH16.
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