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The new Volvo FMX: Robust, great to drive and tailor-made for construction



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Edited Package: Volvo Trucks new construction truck, the new Volvo FMX, is loaded with innovations that will benefit haulers as well as drivers. It is more robust, has a more ergonomic driver environment as well as improved handling. Speaker 1: A construction truck drives in heavy terrain with heavy loads. That's why the new Volvo FMX has been designed to be functional, hard-wearing and great to drive. Claes Nilsson: The idea behind the Volvo FMX is to make it even more productive in the construction environment. Actually what you see is what you get. You get a more robust, more productive truck that is better both for the driver and for the owner. Speaker 1: The main focus when developing the new Volvo FMX has been to make it more robust. Rikard Orell: The FMX is Volvos interpretation of what a real construction truck should be like. It expresses robustness and fit for purpose. It needs to look like it is not afraid to get its hand dirty and that it will look as good at the end of the day as it did in the beginning. Speaker 2: The bumper, which is now made by elastic, non-cracking material, is more sturdie. The driven front axle has also been located 100 mm further forward, which protects the system while at the same time increasing the trucks off-road capability and robustness. Jonas Odermalm: These vehicles are moving and handling high loads in often very difficult operating conditions at a relenteless pace and we are very well aware of the strain it puts on, not only the vehicle but also the drivers. Speaker 4: Therefore, the new Volvo FMX has also been designed with the driver in focus. The modern instrument panel, which is now angled towards the driver, together with the integrated control buttons in the steering wheel, creates an ergonomic working environment. Speaker 5: However, the biggest improvement for the drivers is the ground-breaking Volvo Dynamic Steering. The system works through a precisely controlled electric motor, which is mounted on top of the hydraulic steering gear. Its purpose is to provide precise steering control in every driving situation. Jonas Odermalm: You really have to try this system to understand the difference it makes. Even an heavy loaded construction truck operating off-road on a rough surface can be steered without the slightest effort. Speaker 6: Another innovation is the all-new rear air suspension, which is the only one in its kind that's been tailor-made for construction. The new Volvo FMX has an excellent ground clearance and all vital parts are well protected. Claes Nilsson: The new Volvo FMX is without doubt an even better truck for the construction environment. It has a lot of new features that will please hopefully both the driver and the owner. At the same time I believe it strongly emphizises the design of a true Volvo and it incorporates the values of a true Volvo with security, safety and quality.
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