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The safest Volvo ever built (with narration)



Shoot Date

18 Apr 2012

Shoot Location

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Edited Package with narration
The new Volvo FH is the safest Volvo ever built. Here you can see some of the tough crash tests that the truck has been through and learn more about how the safety has been improved. Speaker 1: With a large range of technical systems that minimize the risk of accidents ever happening, and a strong structure that protects the driver and other traffic occupants in case of an impact – the new Volvo FH-series is the safest Volvo ever built. Carl Johan Almqvist: Safety is something we have had with us since day one. It is part of our heritage and today it is one of our most important core values. The new FH-series is really state of the art when it comes to safety because we have put all our knowledge into this new product. Speaker 2: Functional design is key when it comes to safety and one of the main improvements in the new FH-series is that the cab is one cubic meter bigger. This means that the survival area for the driver is also bigger. Other improvements include an escape hatch in the roof, which can be used if the cab doors are blocked after impact. The rear view mirrors also have a new design and are mounted on slender arms, which reduces the driver's blind spots. In total the cabs usable window area has increased with 17 percent. Carl Johan Almqvist: Well, when it comes to visibility, which is a very important part of drivers everyday work we have looked into the mirrors and you can see that there is a completely new design so you can see that it is easy to see past them but at the same time you have a very good rear view vision. Speaker 3: A European study shows that over 90 percent of all accidents between trucks and other traffic road users are due to the human factor. Only 25 percent of these are caused by the truck driver. That is why Volvo Trucks all ready offers its customers a huge range of active safety features, like the Lane Changing Support and the Driver Alert Support, which ensures that the driver's attention stays on the road. To prevent accidents, all these features are also available in the new Volvo FH-series. Speaker 4: If an accident were still to happen, the driver needs to be protected. The new Volvo FH-series has been subjected to a large range of crash tests, which correspond to common real life accidents. The most extensive is the full-scale barrier test, where a complete truck is crashed. Here everything is tested – from how the exterior and interior structures are damaged to how the dummy is injured and the electric systems effected. Unique for Volvo Trucks is that the Swedish Impact Test is also performed. Ulf Torgilsman: The test we have done in this project have shown that we have reduced intrusion, we have made the door module more stiff and function and we also have reduced the impact on the knee area for the driver. So the important safety message for this new cab is that we have hade the possibility to test almost everything and that is why we can say: This is the safest Volvo ever built. Carl Johan Almqvist: I'd say the most important thing with this truck is that it is a drivers dream. You have perfect handling, perfect control of the vehicle and that, put together with the good visability and so on, and that we are also caring for everybody else in the traffic environment this is how a truck should be.
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