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Women in trucking opens doors in US trucking industry



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- Women in trucking is a non profit organisation who´s missions is to encourage women to look at careers in the trucking industry, to adress any obstacles that might keep women from suceeding and to highlight the pioneers and the women who have been out there for a long time, to show the next generation that there are a lot of women in the industry and that they can do it. - I started WIT when I was working for a large trucking company. My job was to reach out to non traditional groups to try to find ways to bring them in, one of these groups was women. I realized the trucking industry had not been very responsive to bragging about some of the positive things about the industry to women, such as the pay. - It´s very important to get more women involved because there is a shortage of drivers. Women are not as avare they can do the job. So much has changed in the industry and we need to let the women know that. - To get more women in the industry we need to to get exposure for the women who are already in. And also we need to educate women about why they can do the job. Part of our mission is to reach out to the non trucking public and talk to young women about careers and transportation. ...but she's a trucker. We need to have more images like this, showing professional drivers. – In the US´ it´s about 180 000 to 200 000 female drivers. But out of those women about 50-60 per cent work in a team enviroment, so because of the team situation where a couple can buy a truck and operate it together, it´s a great career for a husband-wife team. I believe the reason Europe has only one percent and Sweden has three percent it´s not that they are not welcoming women but we need to have more people asking us to join the industry.
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