• 22-JAN-2013

  • Sweden, Gothenburg

  • SOURCE: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks Tests new FH Truck in Extreme Conditions

A long-distance truck has to be prepared for all the challenges that lie ahead. It needs to stay in top performing shape, no matter if it crosses the mountains, races over heavy terrain or suffers through both heat and cold. That's why Volvo Trucks has put their new Volvo FH through a number of tough quality tests.

Developing an entirely new truck generation – in which all the components and technical solutions are new – imposed huge demands on quality tests. The focal point for many of the tests that were conducted on the new Volvo FH is customer needs.

The tests that were conducted focus on areas such as the truck's reliability, durability and fuel consumption. Initially, individual components such as the chassis, cab and electrical system were tested separately. Once they were approved, it was time for the complete truck to be tested. This was done at both Volvo Trucks' own laboratories and the company's proving grounds such as Kiruna in northern Sweden where temperatures can reach temperatures of -44°C, as well as in regular commercial traffic with our field test haulier.

During the test period, every truck was driven for at least 20,000 kilometres in the freezing cold, where one of the greatest problems was that all the components in the truck – from the hardest material to the electrical system – become brittle. The challenge was to develop components that withstand these ice-cold conditions without failing.

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