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Baby We Were Born To Save!



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ANCHOR LEAD: Retirement readiness is one of the most significant challenges Americans face today. From babies to Baby Boomers, Brian Osuch finds out it's never too early or too late to start planning for your golden years. (:60) SCRIPT: Financial Fitness, I'm Brian Osuch. A recent study from Voya Financial finds only seventeen-percent of working Americans have a written financial plan. Voya's James Nichols says you can use your current career stage as a guideline for your planning. CUT: (Nichols) Early-career, take advantage of that workplace savings program. If your employer offers one. For a mid-career individual, build a budget… ultimately, you want to be putting away between ten and fifteen-percent of your total paycheck. And then for individuals later in their careers, we encourage people to work with a financial professional. SCRIPT: Nichols says financial professions can help make the most of your resources. He also suggests getting started early… CUT: (Nichols) It's never too early to start saving for retirement. This is exactly why Voya Financial is offering the Born to Save campaign program for the second year in a row. Any baby in America that was born on October the 19th, the first day of National Save for Retirement Week is eligible for a free $500 mutual fund investment towards their future retirement. Just go to Voya.com/borntosave for all the information. SCRIPT: For more, go to Voya.com/borntosave. That's Financial Fitness from Voya Financial.
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