• 19-SEP-2013

  • SOURCE: Western International University

Back to School: Affording College as an Adult

It's back to school time, but not just for kids. Many adults are also hitting the books in an effort to advance their careers, earn a higher income, or switch job fields. If you're thinking about boosting your credentials with a new college degree, the first thought is probably, "How can I afford it?"

A recent national survey conducted by Western International University found that more than 75 percent of women ages 25-40 want to go back to school, but only 5 percent think they can afford it and almost 80 percent aren't sure how they could physically attend classes. But there are actually many resources geared towards working adults – you just have to know where to look and how to start!

Personal finance expert Clare Levison, discusses the financial realities of going back to school, including tips on how to set and stick with a financial plan, how to continue working while attending school, what types of loans and scholarships you can apply for, and how to choose the most affordable option.

Available content includes soundbites from Clare Levison.


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