#Morethanfootball Action Weeks 2018

Release Date: 20 March 2018

This year again, the UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks run by the European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

The #Morethanfootball Action Weeks give participating football clubs and leagues the opportunity to demonstrate the social impact of their community projects and raise awareness of the transformative role that European club football can play in changing peoples’ lives for the better.

This year’s Action Weeks take place from 21 March to 8 April.

To highlight the Foundation’s support for the campaign, it will share LED boards with #Morethanfootball at the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals on 3 and 4 April and the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals on 5 April and broadcast the campaign’s official video on the giant screens.

A new feature for the 2018 Action Weeks, intended to increase its impact, is the Around the world #Morethanfootball Challenge, which encourages football fans, players and coaches to actively share why they believe that football is more than a game and record their own video.

The UEFA Foundation for Children will be sharing some of its projects with the #Morethanfootball hashtag as well, thereby helping to take the message of the action week to a wider audience.

Throughout the weeks, content including videos and images will be available to media from UEFA Foundation for Children and will cover initiatives and programmes as per the programme below:

Schedule and topics
21.03.2018 Launch Video #Morethanfootball Around the World
22.03.2018 #Morethanfootball Workshop Paris
27.03.2018 Education CSR programmes
28.03.2018 Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination CSR programmes
29.03.2018 Environmental / Sustainability CSR programmes
30.03.2018 Disability CSR Programmes
02.04.2018 Mental Health CSR Programmes (linked to World Autism Awareness Day)
03.04.2018 Supporting Refugees CSR Programmes
04.04.2018 Employability CSR Programmes
05.04.2018 Social Cohesion CSR Programmes
06.04.2018 International Community CSR Programmes (linked to International Day of Sport Development and Peace)
07.04.2018 Health CSR Programmes (linked to World Heath Day)

Journalists and bloggers can find and download UEFA Foundation for Children content for editorial purposes by visiting https://uefa.newsmarket.com/football-social-responsibility/uefa-foundation-for-children
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