Pol Rosell with the title in sight

Pol Rosell with the title in sight

Release Date: 31 October 2015
Barcelona 31/10/2015 – Pol Rosell (Baporo Motosport) has grabbed his fourth victory of the season and at a crucial time by winning the penultimate race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup. From the lights-to-the-flag the Spaniard dominated the thirteenth sprint of the single-make series and took an important step towards successfully defending his title ahead of the decisive finale tomorrow. Behind the Baporo Motorsport driver Mikel Azcona (PCR Sport) and Niels Langeveld (Target Competition) filled the next podium spots respectively. Once again Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) led the way in the Ladies Trophy and also fronts the points standings ahead of her peers.

Knowing that a positive result was essential today in his battle for the crown with Stian Paulsen, Pol Rosell – who set off from second place on the grid – drove a smart race at the sun-kissed Barcelona-Catalunya circuit. Rosell, in control of proceedings from the first corner, defended the lead from Mikel Azcona who had accelerated away from 'Pole'. The Baporo Motorsport driver was able to cross the finish line over three seconds ahead of Azcona, who had been a protagonist of the final timed practice sessions of the year and acquired the last 'pole position' of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup.

Behind the Spaniards Niels Langeveld passed the flag in third position: a great performance by the Dutchman making his international debut and who had earlier shone in the chrono.

Stian Paulsen made a great fight back from ninth place to finish fourth and completed a decent salvage operation after qualifying down in ninth. It was a positive result for the Norwegian; not only did he reach the fringes of the podium but also keeps a hand in the title chase that will be determined tomorrow against Pol Rosell.

With second position in qualification and the first race victory, Pol Rosell (Baporo Motorsport) is now leading the competition by 84 points, 7 ahead of principal rival Paulsen. With just one race remaining to close an exciting season the crown of the SEAT Leon Eurocup still has to find a home and everything will count on the all-important and tense dash on Sunday.

For her part Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition), 9th in the opening race at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, has consolidated her position as leader of the Ladies Trophy.

The fourteenth and final race of the SEAT Leon Eurocup will take place tomorrow at the superb venue just outside of Barcelona. The results will determine who will walk away as 2015 European Champion. The action starts at 12.00 and, as always, will be shown live through the official SEAT Youtube channel and now also via the SEAT Leon Eurocup App that can be downloaded for free for all mobile devices. Racing thrills on tap!

Pol Rosell, Baporo Motorsport, 1st place in the 13th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup. 1st in the standings: "I'm satisfied with the result. We started well and that allowed us to tackle the race from a comfortable position. I could set the pace from the first moments and without feeling any pressure from Mikel. This has been an important race for us – as well for what it means in the standings – and allows us to go into that vital last one tomorrow with a different frame of mind. We'll start ahead of Stian and for this we'll have to be cautious but I think if we handle everything well then tomorrow can be a great day for us."

Mikel Azcona, PCR Sport, 2nd place in the 13th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup. 3rd in the standings: "I'm happy on one hand but a bit disappointed on the other because if we had made a better start then everything could have been different. I hope we can do better tomorrow and finish the championship with a decent taste in the mouth."

Niels Langeveld, Target Competition, 3rd place in the 13th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup. 16th in the standings: "Who would have said that after taking the call and receiving the invitation only a few weeks ago that we'd be standing up here on the podium? Today we made it and we have to be really happy about that. I hope tomorrow we can continue in this way and continue to enjoy this excellent experience."

Lucile Cypriano, JSB Competition, 9th place in the 13th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup. 10th in the standings "It was a complicated race and because of this we cannot be that happy. I hoped to start further forward as we showed that we had good speed in the practice sessions, enough to be closer to the front. Anyway, tomorrow we have another chance and I hope we can finish the weekend with a good result."

Race 13 of 2015 classification:

1. Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 28:02.138
2. Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; +3.359
3.Niels Langeveld (#24), Target Competition; +5.692
4. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; +6.855
5. Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; +24.628
6. David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; +32.028
7. Stefano Zanini (#23), Stefano Zanini; +32.287
8. Thibaut Mourgues (#5), Thibaut Mourgues; +32.442
9. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; +32.667
10. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; +35.792
11. Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini; +41.311
12. Attila Tassi (#19), B3 Hungary KFT; +42.652
13. Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; +43.698
14. Munkong Sathienthirakul (#25), Monlau Competición; +43.998
15. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; +51.059
16. Harriet Arruabarrena (#16), PCR Sport; +51.259
17. Laia Sanz (#44), SEAT Sport; +1'03.386
18. Dejan Bulatovic (#12), Lein Racing; +1'54.564
19. Mladen Lalusic (#17), Lein Racing; +1 vuelta

Non classified:

Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporto Motorsport
Jimmy Antunes (#18), Monlau Competición
Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition
Alberto Bassi (#99), SEAT Sport
Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing
Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition
Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team
Julien Briché (#3), Julien Briché
Jeremie Lesoudier (#14), Jeremie Lesoudier
Jean-Laurent Navarro (#77), Jean-Laurent Navarro
Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition
Antonio D'Amico (#26), Antonio d'Amico
Edina Bús (#87), B3 Hungary KFT
Mateu Clement (#73); Mateu Clement

QP Classification:

1.Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; 1:55.356
2.Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; +0.070
3.Niels Langeveld (#24), Target Competition; 0.506
4.Jimmy Antunes (#18), Monlau Competición; +0.525
5.Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; +0.738
6.Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; +0.765
7.Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; +0.827
8.Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; +1.017
9.Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; +1.025
10.Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; +1.054
11.Alberto Bassi (#99), SEAT Sport; +1.124
12.Laia Sanz (#44), SEAT Sport; 1.177
13.Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition; +1.185
14.Attila Tassi (#19), B3 Hungary KFT; +1.204
15.Stefano Zanini (#23), Stefano Zanini; +1.346
16.Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporto Motorsport; +1.351
17.David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; +1.417
18.Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition; +1.432
19.Julien Briché (#3), Julien Briché; +1.452
20.Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition; +1.496
21.Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini; +1.624
22.Dejan Bulatovic (#12), Lein Racing; +1.640
23.Antonio D'Amico (#26), Antonio d'Amico; +1.673
24.Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team; +1.746
25.Thibaut Mourgues (#5), Thibaut Mourgues; +1.800
26.Jean-Laurent Navarro (#77), Jean-Laurent Navarro; +1.848
27.Edina Bús (#87), B3 Hungary KFT; +2.181
28.Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; +2.183
29.Harriet Arruabarrena (#16), PCR Sport; 2.217
30.Jeremie Lesoudier (#14), Jeremie Lesoudier; +2.516
31.Mateu Clement (#73); Mateu Clement; +2.900
32.Mladen Lalusic (#17), Lein Racing; +3.014
33.Munkong Sathienthirakul (#25), Monlau Competición; +3.180

2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup Classification:

1. Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 84 points
2. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; 77 points
3. Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; 66 points
4. Julien Briché (#3), JSB Competition; 43 points
5.Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; 40 points
6. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; 37 points
7. Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition; 35 points
8. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición; 34 points
9. Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 24 points
10. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; 19 points (LT)*
11.Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition; 16 points
12. Thibaut Mourgues (#5), JSB Competition; 15 points
13. Loris Hezemans (#50), Target Competition; 13 points
14. Jonathan Cocker (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 11 points
15. Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; 6 points
16.Niels Langeved (#24), Target Competition; 7 points
17. David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; 7 points
18. Norbert Kiss (#15), B3 Hungary KFT; 5 points
19. Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition; 5 points
20. Andrina Gugger (#24), Target Competition; 2 points (LT)*
21.Stefano Zanini (#23), Stefano Zanini; 2 points
22. Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team; 1 point

* Ladies Trophy

For more information on the SEAT Leon Eurocup visit www.seat-sport.com/eurocup
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