Seeing Surguries In A Whole New Light

Seeing Surguries In A Whole New Light

Release Date: 30 March 2016
ANCHOR LEAD: The operating room experience is about to become a whole lot bigger and brighter. Brian Osuch has more on new technology that's transforming the operating suite into an immersive experience providing an unparalleled visual field for everyone in the OR. (:60)

SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronics and advanced optics, doctors are seeing inside the human body like never before. Keith Griffis is with Surgical Endoscopy & Systems Integration at Olympus…

CUT: (Griffis) We're unveiling the Olympus 4K technology. This is taking the experience that you see when you're watching the game at home on your large flat screen and actually bringing it into the OR. These monitors are now flat screen, large OR monitors that allow them to immerse the entire OR staff in the experience.

SCRIPT: President of the Medical Group at Olympus, Todd Usen, says the Olympus VISERA 4K Ultra High-Definition Imaging System is transforming health care by enhancing minimally invasive surgery in a range of specialties.

CUT: (Usen) When you're inside a patient and you can see and you can touch and the colors are real… there's nothing like that. It's what 4K provides and if we can be part of the reason why a physician can now give a minimally invasive surgery with all the advantages of open surgery, I think we have a winner.

SCRIPT: For more, go to That's Technology Now from Olympus.
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