A new way of selling cars

A new way of selling cars

Release Date: 12 August 2015
Martorell, 12/08/2015. - "Who is the president of Lithuania?", asks the user. "I've found information on the president in Wikipedia. Shall I read it to you?", answers the car to the astonishment of a group of young Lithuanians. This is just one example of the countless possibilities afforded by the new Ibiza in terms of connectivity. And this is precisely what SEAT salespeople from all over the world were able to experience when they participated in the training session recently organised by the company.

Every salesperson is aware that in today's world "it's essential" to know the car inside and out, says Stefano Fara, who works at a dealership in Bergamo, Italy. With the boom of new technologies, more and more people are better informed when they leave home. "More often than not, they are already familiar with the vehicle characteristics before setting foot in the dealership", adds Stefan Vasallo, a sales manager in Malta.

And, according to Fara, this is a clear indication that customer expectations "have increased in the last 10 years", because they look for increasingly detailed information. In fact, according to recent studies, 95% of car buyers browse the Internet and consult an average of 24 different information sources before heading off to a dealership.

In view of this new situation, SEAT has organised a special training session aimed at the entire international sales network: more than 4,600 people from 40 different markets had the chance to try out all the features of the new SEAT Ibiza, learn about its main characteristics and participate in test drives to experience how it feels to get behind the wheel of this new model.

This kind of initiative is gaining in importance, as they empower salespeople with the tools they need to "successfully deal with any customer objections and provide all the necessary selling arguments", explains Víctor García, who is responsible for Sales and Product Training at SEAT. They ultimately turn salespeople into highly specialised dealers that can "fully satisfy the needs of each and every buyer", concludes García, consumers who are currently buyers 2.0.
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